Kicking Off Customer Performance with Minimal Investment: A RTB Case Study!

Written by Gabriela Martinčeková

Technology, Digital Solutions

2. 1. 2024

2 min long


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Looking to boost customer performance in the competitive world of B2B and B2C with minimal investment?

Discover the incredible success story of our client, SPECIAL TURBO a.s., as we delve into their RTB case study.

Optimizing Website Visits
First things first, our RTB team optimized the quality of website visits. They understood that driving traffic is one thing, but attracting the right audience is what really matters.
Custom Audiences for Precision
To get laser-focused, they created campaigns based on custom audiences. This allowed them to reach a specific target group with surgical precision, making the most out of every ad impression.
Remarketing Magic
They took it a step further by setting up remarketing scenarios. This helped them re-engage with potential customers and guide them towards conversions, ensuring an impact on Special Turbo's business results.
The result? Outstanding customer performance, happy client, and a significant boost in ROI – all achieved with a minimal investment.
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