"Make your own choice" boosting awareness, active engagement, and funding for Suchej únor.


Suchej Únor


Online • Offline

+28%increase YoY

900 000 people actively taking part

84%awareness in population

+ 8% YoY increase

Funding secured

Registrations and merch sales to cover costs for the ‘22 and part of the ‘23 campaign

Suchej únor is an NGO aiming to raise awareness of the harmful effects of alcohol abuse.

Their operation depends entirely on paid registrations from people who participate in their monthly challenge, merch sales, and a book they published. Our task was to support these sales and increase awareness and the number of people taking part. 

Czechs love their beer and hate being told what to do. So instead of educative patronising, we highlighted the aspect of our own decisions, including alcohol dependency.

This tonality connected content across all channels, including OOH, PR articles, and cooperations, 11 newsletters, 86 FB & IG posts, community management, etc.

We also run social ads to support merch sales and registrations amongst the highly engaged audience, focusing on remarketing and capping the CPA to utilise the minimal media budget to the fullest.

Despite the heavy dependency on organic channels, the campaign brought a 28% increase in partakers, a significant increase in awareness, and a sufficient level of registrations, book and merch sales to provide funding covering this year and part of the following year of the NGO operation.

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"Our marketing team greatly appreciates the cooperation with Mind2FLO. It is based on sharing data and consulting tactics for the acquisition of new customers in twelve European markets. We especially value the team's proactive approach, professionalism and easy communication.“

Filip Černý

Head of marketing Kytary.cz

"An agency that really focuses on ROI in performance campaigns without pulling client’s leg by highlighting the growth of CTR, conversion rate and other often secondary metrics that other agencies use to mask unprofitable campaigns. Mind2FLO professionals focus on the profitability of campaigns reflected in money. Both on Google search and on social media.”

Martin Petrášek

Head of digital marketing CNC

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